Board Certified in Plastic Surgery

A doctor with a Board Certification in Plastic Surgery is one who has gone through the necessary steps to obtain the certification. The steps include completion of training and examination by an approved board of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). If you are a licensed doctor you will have completed two years of a four year degree course of study from a college with a minimum of a Bachelors Degree, preferably with an emphasis on Plastic Surgery. The program should be accredited by the ABPS. At least three years of experience in your specialty will be required as well as the completion of a written exam.

Beware that many cosmetic surgeons who are not Board certified in Plastic Surgery might still claim that they are certified without stating exactly which board they belong to. Some will say that they are Board Certified by the ABPS, some might say that they are Board Certified by the NCPSP or another international organization. They might also make statements like “I’m board certified in cosmetic surgery” but have only a Board Certificate in another field, for example Dermatology or General Surgery, or might simply claim that they are board certified “in general”. In either case, their credentials are in question.

Board Certified – This means that the individual is a member of the ABPS and has completed the required training and examinations in order to be Board Certified. These individuals are usually surgeons of the highest quality and will be very proud of their accomplishment. Many times this individual has worked as a consultant, surgeon, researcher, educator, trainer, and even a professor before being certified.

Continuing Education Units – Another way that a doctor can obtain their Board Certified status is to complete continuing education units for cosmetic surgery. An example of a cosmetic surgery continuing education unit would be cosmetic surgery for teens. These are very helpful for doctors who are working in the cosmetic surgery field to keep up with what is being done in the field and gain insight into new techniques and procedures. They will also give them new ways to perform procedures that were not previously thought of, as well as the latest research and medical advancements in the field. that have the potential to help patients.

A doctor will want to be Board Certified in the field of Plastic Surgery because this means that they have studied and researched all the areas of surgery that they might perform. This means that they understand not only about the surgical techniques but also about the anatomy of the body as well as how it functions.

Having Board Certified status will make it possible for a doctor to practice the specific type of surgery that they specialize in. The ABPS provides the ABPS Standards for Certification of Surgeons which requires doctors to pass both written and oral examinations in order to be Board Certified and also certifying them that they have the necessary knowledge and experience to perform certain procedures.

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